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Arturo Chiesa is a Doctor in Physics, graduated at Milano University and his son Raffaele is an Electronic Engineer from  Milano Polytechnic University.  

For more than thirty years Arturo and Raffaele have been working in the fields of celestial navigation and elementary astronomy. They give seminars and lectures on celestial navigation and elementary astronomy in Italy and Switzerland and they lead stages on sailing yachts along the main routes of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.


Incidentally, in chapter XVII of the book data and charts of a real route they sailed in the North Atlantic Ocean with four pupils on a 50ft yacht from Cape Verde Islands to the Azores can be found, 80% of the route running close hauled against the “trade-winds”.

Arturo and Raffaele's aim has always been the creation of calculation and graphical software with a view to greatly simplifying the work of yachtsmen and astronomy hobbyists. Some good friends of them, ocean navigators, currently use their programs and they have always appreciated their suggestions and feedback.        

The main feature of the work is a new method of obtaining the fix.

They published their method in a paper of The JOURNAL of NAVIGATION Vol. 43 NO. 1, January 1990: Arturo Chiesa and Raffaele Chiesa: “A Mathematical Method of obtaining an Astronomical Vessel Position”. THE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF NAVIGATION - OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS.



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