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Elementary Positional Astronomy e-book

We have also published an ebook on Elementary Positional Astronomy.

The Positional Astronomy is the science describing the position of an object in the sky and its movement in the celestial sphere.
In the book the argument is treated in a plain but exhaustive and rigorous way, allowing also the beginners to easily approach this subject.
Each chapter of the book deals with a specific matter, such as the definition of the geocentric sphere and the system of coordinates to be adopted, the movements of the celestial bodies in the sky, their rising, setting and meridian passage conditions, and so on, driving the reader step by step and allowing a complete understanding of the main celestial phenomena.
The last chapter summarizes the subjects treated in the previous chapters, by presenting several examples of applications referred to celestial phenomena observable in the sky in the year 2012.

Please follow the link below to download the e-book

Positional Astronomy - Arturo and Raffaele Chiesa


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