Sky and Sea Software

- Arturo and Raffaele Chiesa - Celestial Navigation, Elementary Astronomy, Piloting

From this page you can download the OPERATIVE SOFTWARE and the BOOK.

Just download the setup file (12MB) by clicking on the yellow links below and run it, the software and the book will be installed in your PC.

The software runs on Windows operative system, the complete installation only requires 20 MB of free space on your hard disk and doesn't affect any registry key or any other configuration file on your PC.

The setup file also contains an UNISTALL feature allowing you to completely remove the software from your PC.


If you prefer to better evaluate the contents before downloading, two links (pdf files) are available as well  on the bottom of this page:

  • FUNCTIONS OF THE PROGRAMS provides an overview of the functionalities of the programs included in the software
  • INTRO AND CONTENTS reports the content of the book and the introduction 

both these files are included in the complete setup file.


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SETUP64.EXE   ver 3.1 64bit  Jan 2017  download from Mediafire


SETUP32.EXE   ver 2.2  32bit Feb 2012  download from Mediafire



 Functions of the Programs.pdf



Intro and Contents.pdf 

Download the Setup.exe file (12MB) from one of the links on the left and run it to install the operative software and the book in your PC. No need to download the two pdf files at the bottom of this page if you download setup.exe, as they are already included there.


 64bit operative systems beta version, not fully tested. If you find any bug please report to Also running on 32bit 



original version fully tested, running on 32bit operative systems only 


 This file summarizes the functions of all the 27 operative programs included in the software.

Each function can also be viewed in the HELP section of each program when running the software


In this file you can see the content of the book and the introduction